Ombujomenge – Hunting in Namibia at its best!

A hunting territory of over 10’000 hectares, where the diversified landscape of rolling hills, plains, valleys and the imposing Geisterberg mountain form a natural habitat for a dense population of game. The landscape allows you also unique experiences in safari and taking pictures.

Hunting & Photosafari


Namibia is a paradise for the hunter, also for beginners, and offers a great variety of animals with excellent trophies, allowing hunting under complete personal security and ethical conditions.

Ombujomenge is home to many species, but the principal attraction is the dense number of Kudu, Eland, Oryx (Gemsbuck), Zebra, Hartebeest, Springbok, Impala, Warthog, just to name a few. On our farm you can also encounter daily fresh tracks of Leopard and sometimes of Cheetah. Only the northwestern part of Namibia and the Caprivi region offer also big game hunting for Elephant, Lion, Rhino and Buffalo.


For the keen touristic observer of fauna and flora, these vast and diversified landscapes offer the enjoyment of pure nature and thanks to the absence of our everyday’s life stress and smog they turn to a true oasis of wellness and oxygen to reload and relax our body and mind.



  • «I spend every year at least a month at OMBUJOMENGE. The incredible vastness and beauty of the landscape is as breath-taking as it was the first time.»

    Fabiana Demaldi

  • «Ombujomenge feels like coming home.»

    Sandra Romano

    «A Ombujomenge mi sento a casa.»

    Sandra Romano