A hunting territory of over 10’000 hectares, where the diversified landscape of rolling hills, plains, valleys and the imposing Geisterberg mountain form a natural habitat for a dense population of game.

It seems that the time has stopped on Ombujomenge, where the arid soil, after a few days of rain, turns quite magically into a splendid carpet of delicate, miniaturized flowers, whose colours range from a transparent white, to a yellow and to a light blue, a gift from this earth that at a first glance seems so arid and inhospitable. A miracle of the nature unfolding right in front of your eyes!

Also the night offers its spectacles. Exploring the sky at new moon is an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the absence of luminous pollution you will admire millions of stars in a perfectly black background. Far in the distance a halo of light can be perceived, coming from the capital Windhoek, more than 200km far away!

A vast biodiversity of animals, gazelles and antelopes of every species, predators, small game and a great number of birds inhabit and can be seen on these huge plains, valleys, hills and mountains of Ombujomenge. Standing in the middle of the plains you will find the imposing Geisterberg mountain, or “mountain of the spirits” in the Herero language, and from its top you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and multiple rainbows, witnesses of uncontaminated nature.

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